The results of few months of work, fun and stress have finally had their moment, nicely arranged on the wall in the gallery. Seven large format images from 4×5 negatives, darkroom-printed on Ilford Art 300 paper in beautiful thick museum mat boards.

My statement/description:

A moment lost in time, a place lost in space, an object once meaningful, left behind and forgotten.
Nonexistent when unobserved, suddenly becoming substantial, finding its new life inside a frame.





Part of my installation was this light table with 8×10 and 4×5 negatives, different from the ones printed. Many people have actually never seen what a large format negative looks like, and I really wanted to show! As I firmly believe the way of working and choice of the tool are no less important than the image itself. Also, even four years later after my first 8×10 shot, large format is still pure magic to me :)





My favorite image (of course, otherwise why would I make it central and 50x60cm (20×24″) :)) But seriously, I think it really unites all other photographs and has the essence of what I want to show: beauty found in decay, like a forgotten fairytale. I would love to expand that idea and series.


The paper, Art300, is fantastic for that kind of images. It adds up this fantastic surface, so beautiful you wanna touch it (which I actually do a lot, love the feel)! Any other matte/glossy fiber paper would be too crisp, sharp and straightforward, while this one, peachy-toned and eggshell-textured, softens the content and makes it somehow less real, more imaginary and totally out of this world.



Also, I can’t not show the works of other MFA candidates in my program.

Leon Jones did a strong three-image series, digital, mounted on a foam board (yea, I am an analog kind of girl, but I also really love digital imagery, especially presented this way… I don’t choose it for myself, but I do appreciate it lots!)

his statement:

In between the events of birth and death, we experience development called “life.” In the process we gather things of so-called baggage: ideas, failed and achieved goals, life experiences and memories.

But in the end, what will we treasure most, keep or take with us?

DSC01994smDSC01963sm DSC01964sm

Andrew Gatti displayed a mix of strong colors and black-and-white highly emotional digital imagery, I can’t count how many pictures from this series I like! :)


This is not necessarily about understanding. These images are made as an effort at blurring the lines, and challenging what the medium of photography is designed and capable of accomplishing. It is about recording a feeling and implying a memory, rather than stealing a moment. Drawing attention to the idea that this isn’t real. A photograph isn’t a view into another world, it’s a just a two-dimensional representation of one.



Third from left is my absolute favorite!DSC01979sm


Also, as a little side-project, Leon and I made this picture (Leon saw the frame, I focused and shot with my 4×5, developed the negative, did a test, Leon told me how he wants the image to look and I printed following his guidelines…. so who is the author?). Under it, we had a making-of video playing, so people could see the whole large format process, darkroom printing etc… again, showing how magic happens :)



Oh, and I almost forgot to show up in the post too 😉