There is so much I want to share and so little time. Since September my life has been a whirlwind of airplanes, trains, cars, construction sites, countries changing every week, processing and printing in the most inconvenient locations, radical decisions and tons of stress. I moved apartments in Florence and found a new workspace, and mamma mia what an experience it is to be making a printing lab from zero! It feels like the ultimate dream coming true, and yet I am terrified. It’s not even three years I am printing, and unbelievable things are happening. When you truly love what you do, the Universe starts first helping you, then pushing you, then testing you! It goes back to the “help” stage eventually, but currently I am between “push” and “test” steps. It’s not a very smooth ride, but sure an entertaining one.

So, this is my future lab (hopefully when I come back to Florence on Wednesday it’s gonna be better-looking). Office space, printing space, processing space and even washing space! All that on 45 sqm!


The rent contract for the big lab with monster enlargers is ending in March, so the big move is happening real soon. I’m still keeping my tiny one-enlarger darkroom until all the works in the new space are done… And when my own lab is finished, I will be the happiest person on this planet!


I really want to finally welcome all the film photography fans visiting Florence at my own wokspace! The people I meet through YouTube and Instagram (which recently hit 12k and I’m still in shock) are fantastic. So cool, so talented, so passionate. I wish I could personally get to know everyone!

Ironically, as if the unfinished darkroom wasn’t enough, my current photography focus is on… construction sites! I’m just fascinated by the interplay of pure lines and light. I also figured this way of printing that renders buildings almost abstract. Stepping away from technically correct prints and printing by feel, not by standards… oh my, it’s a challenge!

IMG_3237 2