Being a perfectionist in the darkroom is the toughest and most time-consuming thing. Just when you think you got everything right, your eye falls on this little area in the corner, where you realize you could have worked better. And here it goes again. And again.

I am currently working as a teaching assistant and using the udergrad darkroom, so all my “bad” prints go into a huge box, and anyone can take a print or two. I have only advertised this box to few people so far, so that they get the best ones first. Yesterday I witnessed this funny moment of my friend failing to choose between several prints, all of which I have dismissed for imperfection and which seemed absolutely fine to him. So technically I could stop a good four hours before attaining the “ideal” print and still get people to appreciate it!


But I guess my love for the darkroom is too big to be happy with the acceptable. If you love something, you are giving your all, and that feels natural and normal. So if making your work perfect seems like too much, you probably gotta change your job :)

Luckily, I don’t have to change anything! :)