The big day for which I’ve been working for the past what, two or three months? Has come!

Photography does not finish at the push of a button, neither does it end with a print. Beautifully matted, framed, hanging on the wall – that’s when a photo is at it’s best… or worst, because every single tiny error SHOWS!
I finally printed my dream size, 50×60 (20×24″), on Ilford Fiber Art 300 paper. Only one image though, for the sake of layout on the wall. Two more 40×50 (16×20″), and the rest smaller.


I am totally in love with the huge prints! But… first discovery: dust gets pretty enormous too! Which is not really a problem when you’re good with your brush and retouching inks… yep, I love retouching. Every extra moment spent with my photographs is pure bliss.
The collection of those moments is currently hanging at the Tethys gallery in Florence, awaiting tomorrow’s opening.

My works, along with three more MFA first-year Photo students.
If anyone is by chance around, DO come! 6 pm, Via dei Vellutini, 17/r. And if you can’t make it, I’ll update my blog with the opening images as soon as I have them!

ps As of next week, after final review,  I will be much more free to finally write here  :)